Prime Treatments in Ayurveda

Prime Treatments in Ayurveda

  1. Abhyanga

  2. Beneficial for: Rejuvenation, reducing exhaustion and wards off ageing signs
    Method: Involves an extensive body massage using medicated herb-infused oil in seven different postures. Usually followed by other therapies, warm bath or a yoga session to heighten the effects.

  3. Shirodhara

  4. Beneficial for: Purification of Tridoshas, relaxation
    Method: Warm oil infused with herbs poured over the patient's head for a specific duration of time. Works towards relaxing and restoring the nerves and purify the mind by letting out the long-stored emotions.

  5. Takradhara

  6. Beneficial for: Destressing, Sunstroke, relieving anorexia, anxiety
    Method: A traditional type of Shirodhara, this process involves using medicated buttermilk which is poured on to the patient's forehead for an hour of duration before whole body massage takes place. It induces a very cooling effect on the body and heals a number of skin disorders too.

  7. Ksheeradhara

  8. Beneficial for: Memory loss, Rejuvenation, Insomnia, Skin disorders
    Method: Literally translated as 'flowing milk on to the head', this Ayurvedic process involves a delicate process of using medicated cow milk on the patient's forehead where the 'third eye', the centre of human consciousness, is supposedly located. This is followed by a full body massage using special herbs and oils to attain heightened results.

  9. Ekangadhara

  10. Beneficial for: Hemi-Paralysis, Arthritis, Circulatory system problems
    Method: Sanskrit word meaning 'Single flow of oil'. Usually, a certain element from a wide range of medicated oils, ghee, or animal & vegetable fats is used depending upon the type of disorder and poured on the affected body part for about half an hour, followed by massage.

  11. Shiro Vasti

  12. Beneficial for: Migraine, Facial paralysis, Insomnia
    Method: Vasti stands for a container to hold the medicated herbs and oils. Pretty similar to Shirodhara, this process involves holding medicated oils for a certain period of time on the patient's head using a protective cap (Vasti). This way, the herbs directly nourish the brain and help in getting rid of related disorders.

  13. Kati Vasti

  14. Beneficial for: Lumbago, Sciatica, Post operative care of lower back
    Method: Kati means 'waist' while vasti signifies a container to hold the medicated potion. A leak-proof container made of black gram dough is used to hold medicated oil on the lower back of the patient while he/she lies face down. After half an hour, the same affected area is massaged with same oil to help improve the strength of the bone tissues and relive the affected area of pain.

  15. Janu Vasti

  16. Beneficial for: Osteoarthritis, Post operative care of knee joints
    Method: Used widely to relieve stiffness and pain in knee joints for arthritis patients, this process requires a black gram flour-container that is put around the affected knee caps. This, in turn, is filled with medicated oil and allowed to rest on the area for around 30 minutes. Once this process is over, the containers are removed and the knee joints are treated with a hot water fomentation or Patra Pinda Sweda (in which medicinal leaves are tied in a cloth, heated to a certain temperature and applied regularly on the joints). The process is usually applied for a minimum of 7 days for maximum results.

  17. Hriday Vasti

  18. Beneficial for: Asthma, heart diseases, respiratory problems
    Method: Especially performed for those with heart related disorders, the process involves using warm, medicated oil to massage in the cardiac region so as to improve the patient's condition. It is also used to lessen issues with the respiratory tract in one's body.

  19. Greeva Vasti

  20. Beneficial for: Cervical Spondilysis and stiffness of the neck
    Method: This Vasti process is performed especially on the neck region of the patient to improve the normal functioning of the neck and for those with Cervical Spondilysis. Warm, medicated oil is poured on a black gram container put on the patient's neck followed by a massage.

  21. Udawarthana

  22. Beneficial for: Weight loss, Cellulite reduction, improving skin texture and fat metabolism
    Method: Special medicated herbs are powdered and used to massage all over the body focusing on the cellulite area. This shows marked improvement in reducing cellulite, toning the muscles and regulating blood circulation. These herbs help increase the metabolism rate, resulting in weight loss as well.

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prime treatment in ayurveda
  1. Pizhichil

  2. Beneficial for: Relaxation, Sexual weakness, Hemiplegia, Quadriplegia, Poly Arthritis and Muscular dystrophy Method: Also known as Sarvangdhara, the process involves using cloth pieces dipped in warm, medicated oil and then poured all over the body.

  3. Patrapindasweda

  4. Beneficial for: Removal of toxins, Mobilization of fat and getting rid of pain
    Method: A highly rejuvenating and extensive process, Patrapindasweda requires certain plants fried with several herbs, followed by tying them in a cloth-piece. This cloth piece is dipped into warm, medicated oil and then massaged on the entire body by four therapists for a period of one hour.

  5. Panch Potlisweda

  6. Beneficial for: Improving blood circulation, Pain relieving and removing stiffness
    Method: In this process, carom seeds (Ajwain) are medicated and heated before they are tied up in a cloth-piece and used to massage on the affected areas.

  7. Navarakhizi

  8. Beneficial for: Joint & muscle pain, high blood pressure & cholesterol level, infertility, skin disorders
    Method: used to initiate perspiration in the patient's body, this scrub is obtained by blending and cooking medicated, herbal rice. After the body is slathered with medicated oil, this mixture is filled in puffy, muslin tea bags and is used to thump the body focusing on specific areas.

  9. Nasya

  10. Beneficial for: Sinusitis, Headache and Earache
    Method: This form of vasti is specially applied on nostrils of the patient to induce desired results in related disorders. Medicated, warm herbal oil is applied into nostrils, followed with soft massage besides the nostrils, cheeks and forehead.

  11. Sarvangalepa

  12. Beneficial for: Detoxification and Rejuvenation
    Method: This process involves application of medicated Himalayan herbal leaves mixed with the goodness of earth along with pure turmeric powder. The paste is massaged all over the body which is then left for another 45 minutes before washing it off.

  13. Mukhalepa

  14. Beneficial for: Rejuvenation, Healing of the skin
    Method: Used to rejuvenate the skin and wash away all the related disorders, this process involves using sandalwood paste blended with medicated herbs, after which it is applied on the face. After it is allowed to dry out, it is washed off.

  15. Thalam

  16. Beneficial for: Migraine, Premature greying of hair, Insomnia, Neurological disorders
    Method: Under this process, special medicated oils are mixed and then blended with certain herbs. The mixture is poured on the top of the patient's head with the help of a protective cap and allowed to rest for a time period of 45 minutes or so.

  17. Thalapodhichila

  18. Beneficial for: Migraine, Facial Paralysis, Anxiety and Depression
    Method: After a mild massage on the head using special oils, a paste of certain herbs cooked in medicated fluids is applied on the head and cervical region. This paste is covered with a banana leaf followed by a cloth-piece with medicated oil in centre and allowed to rest for 30 minutes.

  19. Akshatarpana

  20. Beneficial for: Dark Circles under eyes, Myopia and swelling of eye lids
    Method: Special herbs are mixed with medicated oils to form a paste. This paste is applied around the eyes and allowed to rest before washing it off.

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