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Explore the World of Ayurveda

February 2, 2015 in Ayurvedic Treatment in India

Quality health is a blessing. It is the original jewel of life, the mass valuable possession of man. If a human being losses his health, the world loses all its beauty for him. A good richness of health can be acquired in various ways. It needs daily exercise. Good thoughts, Cleanliness and Good amount of Food. The simplest and the traditional meaning of health is that is the autonomy of diseases and sickness. Everything in this world is connected. It is believed that wellness and health of a human are dependent  on an essential balance between the body, spirit and mind. Ayurveda is also known as Ayurvedic medicines which is the traditional whole body healing system in India. It was developed by our ancestors thousand of years ago. The main focus of Ayurveda is to encourage good health and fight against the diseases. In Sanskrit literature the term Ayurveda was known as “ the science of 8 components”, an organization that became authorized for Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a structure of traditional medicines that are developed in India. It is also adapted in another zone of the world as a type of substitute medicine like acupuncture and home therapy. It is a possibly accurate to say that most of all life forms are troubled with some kind of disease. Diseases continues to be the basic problem which is faced by human since the old fashioned times. The India Ayurvedic Treatments are recommended for special health problems.

The science of life another word for Ayurveda also feel that the world and human being body are made up of five components, they are fire, space, water, earth and air. It sustains a system of nutrition therapy guidance. Herbs, drugs and oils are mostly used in Ayurvedic healing. Some animal substance might also be used such as milk, honey, ghee etc.. Oils are cast off for body and head massages are and also put on contaminated areas. Ayurvedic remedies heal your soul and mind alternative of just considering the affected body  part. The Best Ayurvedic treatments in India are based on the disinfection of the body in an essential way and the surrounding created helps to cut out all toxins and assist regain body’s usual tolerance or fight from the diseases and assist restore your body and take back your good health. This is a attained by good diet and various types of massage, flooding various herbal liquids on the  bag of bones, and awning the body with herbal powders an leaf. You will be estimated by a licensed doctor and treatment programs will be built to inscribe the root of your difficulty.

Mostly a couple of weeks are required to complete a well fed course of Ayurvedic treatment. Nevertheless, it is also practicable to get simple resumption treatments, like Ayurvedic massage by oneself. Ayurveda in India emphasizes more on avoidance of  disease rather than its medicine. It is not only medicine but a way of life. It gives you knowledge of life and assist you to achieve Kama, Arth, Moksha and Dharm.


Now fight diabetes with a natural therapy

December 16, 2014 in Diabetes Treatment in Ayurveda

Diabetes is a disease in which person has high blood sugar. It is a life long struggle for diabetic people. People who are suffering from diabetes is filled with subtraction rather than additions. The only additions in their lives are medicines and doctor’s visits. Allopathic can only manage to control the diabetes to certain extend. The reason is because medicine works to reduce the effect of diabetes in human body. No matter how powerful the dosage, it gets diluted as it goes through the human body and out of it. This leads to a circle by taking continuous heavy medication and chances of side-effects.

Diabetes is known as the silent killer. As per ancient science Ayurveda diabetes is well known from thousands of years. This is the one of the biggest reason by people are now referring more to an diabetes Ayurveda treatment. Ayurveda concept is numbers of centuries old. It is ahead of allopathy and modern medicine. This type of treatment invented in India. Medicine for Ayurvedic is made from herbs and plants, if you notice there are many plants that nature had provided us for medicine.We may ignore plant as it does not produce flowers but that is not correct, but for the person who is practicing Ayurveda this is a different case. Every Aryuveda medicine maker has detailed manual available with them showing benefits of each and every plant given by nature. The manual also shows them which disease can be cured using which plant and what quantity is needed to make dosage of medicine.You might be thinking what the benefits of this Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes are. The first one is its completely natural. As medicines are made from plants and when the person consumed, the body accepts it as friendly which is completely get digested. This exactly opposite to allopathy medicine. When Ayurvedic medicine is consumed, it gets dissolved by the human stomach providing medicine purities to the human body.Another benefit is it does not do any side effects. As natural properties of medicine, it ensures that person does not suffer from any complications.

As its natural Ayurvedic, patient needs to understand that it’s not fast acting compared to allopathy treatment. It ensures that effects of medicine stay with human body for a long period of time.Some people may get frustrated due to slow healing  of this treatment, but the fact is their sugar level will be normalized faster and remain normalized for a longer period of time. Using this method, it will benefit them for longer periods.There is different diabetes natural treatment like bitter gourd, bael, gurmar leaves, fenugreek, turmeric, onion, nayantatra, neem, garlic, sagar gota, etc. Drinking water full of glass with 10 tulsi leaves, 10 belpatras, 10 neem leaves early morning on empty stomach keep sugar under control. By keeping healthy diet planning diabetes can be control easily. Many Ayurvedic consultant asked patient to avoid sleeping during daytime, avoid smoking, take adequate eye care, do exercise regularly, take extra care of your foot, and avoid sugar in any form.

Keep Yourself Healthy with Yoga

July 9, 2014 in Yoga and Meditation Center

Yoga is the practice of spiritual, mental and physical for transforming body and mind. Yoga origin of Indian traditions. Yoga is a term based from yoking together of mind and body. In earlier ages, yoga was practiced in Buddhist group. Indian gurus later introduce yoga to the west. Back in 1980 it became popular as physical exercise around the world. It is often called Health yoga. As per yoga physiology describe human as existing of three bodies. Many studies conclude the efficiency of yoga as balancing involvement for asthma, heart disease, schizophrenia and cancer. A person who follows yoga with a high level pledge is called a yogi (men) or yogini (female).

A vital goal of yoga is Moksha which is a Sanskrit word for freedom. Some of the experts has believed that there many useful ways of yoga and some them are mentioned below.

  • Yoga is technique of generating multiple bodies, entering into other bodies and the achievement of other paranormal activities.
  • Yoga is the psychotherapy of awareness and cognition.
  • Yoga is the rising and growth of consciousness.
  • Yoga is a path to omniscience.
  • Yoga is controlling method of achieving goals.
  • Yoga is a method of controlling the mind and body.

Yoga has been applied to a multiple of practices. They are Hinduism under which Hatha yoga and Raja yoga, Jainism and Buddhism.

Jainism: It aims at reach salvation, realizing the self and takes your spirit to total freedom. It also aims to attain and remain in a pure state of the soul.

Buddhism: This meditation aims to focus calm, supramundane powers and develop mindfulness. A path towards enlightenment and nirvana is a key goal of Buddhism. This technique had become popular around the world.


Raja yoga: This aims for the mind to be still in order to reach the loneliness of the motionless consciousness.

Hatha yoga: This type of yoga focus on physical and mental strength building exercise and postures.

Along with spiritual goals, yoga is used to reduce stress, improve health problems and spine supple in modern times. Many people doubt, why is it compulsory to meditate after practicing yoga postures. Practicing yoga postures/asanas help us to slip into meditation effortlessly is one of the many benefits of yoga. Yoga main aspect is meditation, it is important to sit for meditation after practicing yoga asanas/postures. We consist of five sheaths- body, breath, mind, intellect and bliss as per ancient scriptures. Through the practice of meditation, strength of will and greater sense of purpose can be achieved. It also helps you to improve your concentration, clear your mind and discover wisdom. Your mind will be lead to greater focus through regular meditation of yoga. In this hectic and stressful yoga and meditation is important to free your mind and body from stress. Yoga is become essential as nowadays stress increased. You can get many meditation centers all around the world, but the most of the western people prefer to do yoga and meditation in India due to the teacher’s expertise.

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The Better Way to Look Younger

July 2, 2014 in Anti Aging Treatment by admin

Anti aging is also known as Life extension is the process of slowing down the process of aging. There are many ways of anti aging treatment, some of there are mentioned below.

  • Retinoids: It has been an advance discovery of the photoaged skin treatment. Vitamin A can improve discoloration of the skin, preventing of elastic tissue and wrinkles by enhancing occurrence of collagen and elastic fibers. Retinoids can decrease inflammation, growth in inhibiting tumor and enhancing the immune system to giving back skin its youthful appearance. The number and size of Actinic keratoses can be reduced by using routines continuations. There are two types of retinoids available in the market that are tretinoin and tazarotence. The skin can feel dry and irritate by continuous use or retinoids. It is only available by prescriptions.
  • Lasers: Sun-damaged top layer can vaporize using laser, leaving smoother and softer skin surface with less wrinkles. Lasers are ideal for sensitive skin due to their pinpoint accuracy such as around the eyes. After the laser treatment for several weeks skin can have swelling, redness, scarring and tenderness while the new skin grows. Permanent loss of pigmentation can be experienced by dark-skinned people. It is also used to treat Actinic keratoses.There is also new non-skin-removing technology known as intense pulsed light (IPL) that offers patient removal of broken capillaries, softening of lines and shallow wrinkles, scar fading and stimulation of new collagen. After this process can include redness, blotchiness, swelling and darkening of pigmented areas, TO get optimal result several sessions are required. After final treatment full effect of treatment may be visible for up to six months.
  • Chemical peels: To treat Actinic keratoses, reduce wrinkles and to rejuvenate the skin chemical peels are used. Layer of the skin is removed by a doctor using mild acid solution. A deep or light peel is used depending on the damage of the skin. Smooth, younger looking layer is from after the skin is healed. Slight redness and photo sensitivity is caused by light peels, but significant redness, swelling can caused by deep peel which can last for several weeks.
  • Dermabrasion: Small high speed, rotating brush or file is used in dermabrasion to smooth out skin irregularities and abrade the upper layer of the skin. It is often used for long-lasting result, treating large wrinkles, pigmentation problems and acne scars. During the procedure, it uses either local or general anesthetic. After treatment, it takes 7 to 14 days swelling, redness and pain to get healed.
  • Botox: It’s almost 20 years since the first injection of botulinum toxin. It has become the most popular procedure in the US since then. As the skin loses elasticity it develops wrinkles and line. Botox temporarily paralyzes and weaken muscles for smoothing wrinkles away.
  • Fillers: In this process under facial skin, filling substances are injected to round out and correct wrinkles, hollows and furrows. In a US number of substances are used, including polymer implants, bovine collagen and patients own fat.


There are many of their treatments which can be used to produce younger looking skin. It is important to consult license specialist as many of these can cause damage inexperienced hands.

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Why And Where To Look For Naturopathy Courses?

June 30, 2014 in Naturopathy Courses In India by admin

Naturopathy is one of the methods of treatment of human health ailments with the help of medicines made from natural ingredients such as medicinal herbs and plants that have been proven for their curing properties. Naturopathy today has been accepted as one of the most effective and strong alternative medicine treatments. No wonder, why naturopathy has been so successful with people who are looking forward to more natural approach to getting healthy at a time when the conventional medicine is not working. So in a way, you can comfortably consider going for naturopathy when your usual medicines are not working.

However, before we start with where you can get your naturopathy courses, we would like to make sure that you know what naturopathy is all about. As mentioned before, naturopathy is all about solving your health ailments through the use of medicinal herbs. Moreover, the best thing about naturopathy is that you don’t have to go through any kind of side effects as you do when you are treated with the conventional medicine. In addition to that, naturopathy believes in an holistic approach to your health ailments rather than going for an invasive treatment such as surgery and operation.

So what exactly does naturopathy include? For sure, given that naturopathy is one such as vast field, it is not just one thing, but an amalgamation of many treatments pertaining to the natural treatment for the body. In naturopathy, the doctors will treat you with nutritional and herbal medicine, plus you will be given lifestyle advice and counseling along with homeopathy and remedial massage. You can say that these are the five sub-types of treatments that you get in naturopathy and they really work well. So you finally have a good reason to look for naturopathy rather than traditional medicine.

If you happen to live in a metro, you will easily so many naturopathy courses, that you can take your time to choose one. All you need to do is to make an online search for any naturopathy center in your city that includes the ailment treatment that you are looking for. You should visit their website and do a thorough search on what treatment they provide you with and how much fees they charge you for that. It is also advisable to look for a review that will tell you about the experience of previous clients.

One thing that distinguishes a good naturopathy clinic from the rest is that they would also offer you with a per-treatment counseling, which is a very important part any naturopathy course. This counseling is all about understanding your health problem and hence offering you the best naturopathy solution. It also includes informing you about what all you treatments you will be given to help you get rid of that problem.

So when you are having that feeling that your conventional medicine is not working well, you can surely go for naturopathy, which offers you sure health benefits minus any side effects.


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Now Look For The Best Spa Packages In Your Own City

June 27, 2014 in Spa Packages In India by admin

After all the hard work and efforts that you have invested to make your life better, it is finally the time you need that break. And this is not any usual work break that you want for a couple of days, but a break for at least a week when you rejuvenate, recharge and rediscover yourself. But the problem is that if you want to get back to work pretty soon, you cannot afford to go to any faraway place such as Goa or any hill station in the north. So the only option you have here is to look for place in your home city.

Now talking about rejuvenating and relaxing, you should essentially look for spa treatments in your city which is the surest way of getting all that energy to hit back with a full swing. But is it possible that you can really find one such spa treatment in your city that can offer you an unforgettable spa treatment? Why not? Of course you can find one such spa treatment center in your city that can offer you an amazing and wonderful spa therapy.

So how do you look for those Spa Packages India within your home city? It is just as easy as anything. All you need to do is to look for these packages online. When you make an online search for these packages with your city name in the search, you can easily come across a plethora of so many spa treatment centers in your city from whom you can choose anyone that you find better. And we are not talking about those run down shops that provide you with ‘spa’ treatment, but about spa centers that have all the facilities that you would expect from a resort or any place that offers these treatments.

But somehow if you are having this doubt that you won’t be able to find these spa packages in your city, then let us clarify a few facts here. We are not sure about the small towns, but the big cities surely have these spa treatment centers that can provide you with amazing spa treatments and most importantly those having that exotic feel to them. These spa treatment centers have high grade spa masseuses who are well trained in giving you the body massage the way you would expect.

Even better, you can also look for spa packages that are specialize in Thai massage. Big metros like Mumbai and Delhi have so many sp treatments centers that specialize in Thai massage that you can easily find many with your online search. However, at the same time we would warn you that these spa packages are not affordable since they provide you with top of the line service. But if you are indeed ready to spend so much money to get that long lasting comfort, and then we would suggest that you should go for them, as the rewards are better.


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Why You Should Look For A Good Yoga Meditation Retreat Once In A While?

June 25, 2014 in Meditation Retreat India by admin

A hectic life that demands a lot and drains so much energy and health out of you, requires a break that can help you recover your focus, your mind and you health. Unfortunately in our busy schedules, we are rarely able to find the much needed time for that break which can help us to restore that peace of mind and refresh ourselves. So is there any way, by which we can really relax and get ourselves in order so that we are able to make a healthy comeback? Of course you can.

The best thing that you can possibly do to recover from all that accumulated stress, is to look for out for a yoga meditation retreat closer to your home city, where you will be able to get all those facilities that are required for calming your mind and getting you relaxed. You can find professional yoga trainers at those retreats that will take care of your specific stress needs and help you get all the tension out of your system. You can find plenty of those in the outskirts of your city.

So how do you find out which ones are available for you in that particular season? You can go online and look for any of the yoga meditation retreat centers that are in our just outside your home city and that are currently operational. You will be able to find a plenty of these yoga meditation centers in your city as well as in the outskirts. However, we would ask you to do some background check on these camps. This is so, since you should be sure that you are going for a yoga camp that has a professional faculty to get all the stress out of your head.

But it is not just meditation that you will get at these camps. There is a lot more that you can get and take back. First, you will be taught how to meditate despite of all the stress and tension. You will find this very helpful since you will be able to have a calm life even when you get back busy back to your schedule. Also, they will teach you about mind calming exercises such as focused breathing, which too is a kind of meditation. So there is a lot more than meditation in these yoga retreats.

But for those of you who think this is not that important, let us make it clear that the toll that your busy schedule takes on you, is much more than what it looks like. So it is advisable that if you want to live healthy, then please join one yoga meditation retreat that is currently operating closer home.

As far as fees are concerned, you don’t have to worry about spending bigger amounts so that you can finally learn relaxation. All you need to do is to check which one of them charges the least.


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Now You Can Detox Yourself Naturally through Yoga

June 23, 2014 in Yoga Retreats in India by admin

In this day and age filled with stress and technology, it becomes difficult for people to balance out their lives. Sometimes the stress becomes too high for them and they go into depression. The end result is that they depend on strong medication as well as counseling sessions to come out of it. However, this leads to another vicious circle. This course of treatment can go on for a really long duration. So the question before us is – Is there any other alternative treatment? The answer lies in the ancient art of Yoga.

Yoga as a system has been followed in India for hundreds of years. Each and every pose followed by the practitioners is mentioned in detail in the ancient texts written by religious teachers and wise men. However, for the general public , their exposure to yoga is extremely limited. They are aware only for the few poses that are shown on television. However, each and every pose in Yoga is much more detailed and focused on different aspects.

When it comes to depression or even weight loss,people can easily attend a Yoga retreat for the same. So what is the option? As the name mentions, this is a place where the focus is entirely on Yoga and its benefits for the body. The people who come to this place also need to be prepared for a specific reality. The place where such retreats are held will be frugal in nature. The reason for the same is that the proponents of Yoga do not believe in the luxuries that are taken for granted.

The second thing that people need to understand is that these places serve extremely basic meals. Again, this is in keeping with the philosophy laid down that a person should not eat like this it is going to be their last meal. Instead the meals are balanced and made to provide nutrition. So there will be no oil-filled or rich foods served at these locations.

The third and the most important thing that people should know of a Yoga retreat is that their day will be filled with a number of different exercises. Some of these will be easy to do and others will be on the harder side. The main aim of these exercises is to ensure that the balance between the physical and the mental is restored . People attending this retreat will also be shown how to do these exercises on a daily basis. This is an important factor as a daily practice is required to be healthy.

These retreats are not designed to be a walk in the park. Instead, they are designed to ensure that the people participating in it leave the place in much better physical and mental health than they were in earlier. They are ideal for people suffering from depression as well as those wanting to lose weight. The exercises are such that age or gender cannot be used as excuses.


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The Holistic healing of Ayurveda and Ayurveda tours to attain spiritual peace

June 20, 2014 in Ayurveda Tour Packages by admin

Ayurveda is an ancient medical science which has its roots in India and the origins of which are traced back to the Vedas, that are the world’s oldest classics available. The Vedas are the Indian ancient books of science and knowledge. They consist of scientific as well as practical information on various different subjects that are beneficial to humanity, such as philosophy, engineering, astrology, health and so on.

It can be said that Ayurveda is the only independent ancient scientific organization of medicines. However, in the medieval period, this system was faced by sheer neglect in the possession of the foreign rulers. Some of the authentic scriptures were destroyed in these times. Even in these turbulent times, Ayurveda continued its contribution towards the health of people because of its safe and effective herbal remedies as well as easy available ingredients in nature. Ayurveda is endowed with soundness, sufficiency and sustenance so it could survive through the ages.

The term Ayurveda consists of two words, that is Ayu and Veda. Of which, Ayu means life and the term Veda means science or knowledge. It is a science which provides holistic healing. So the word Ayurveda literally means the science of living or the science of life. According to these scripts, life is a combination of mind, body, senses and soul. So the definition of which does not just limit itself with the physical aspect of health, but also the mental, and spiritual health.

Following are the basic principles of Ayurveda:  according to which, in this universe, everything is composed of five basic elements. Not just the universe, but also the human body and soul is made up of these five basic elements. And those five basic elements are as follows:

The earth is also known as Prithvi, Water is also known as alpha, Fire also known as Tejas, Air also known as Vayu, and Space also known as Akash.

There are many Ayurvedic destinations in the county, a lot of Ayurveda tours are organized to these places, where holistic healing are performed, Kerala is the most popular of all. People visit these centres to take a break from the materialistic world and to get in touch with their spiritual side as well as to get benefits of the holistic and completely natural healing of mind, body and soul. Words like spirituality and soul may sound outdated in the modern materialistic world, but it’s a fact that this same modern world is the reason behind all the mental tension, anxiety and unrest that is being created in all of us. That is also because somewhere down the line, some parts of our body don’t get properly nourished, and those parts are our soul and inner self. A balance needs to be maintained between spiritualism as well as materialism. In this situation Ayurveda comes into the picture, as it has been practising the theory of balance since ages, and according to which disease is a state of imbalance whereas, health is a state of balance.