Now fight diabetes with a natural therapy

December 16, 2014 in Diabetes Treatment in Ayurveda by admin

Diabetes is a disease in which person has high blood sugar. It is a life long struggle for diabetic people. People who are suffering from diabetes is filled with subtraction rather than additions. The only additions in their lives are medicines and doctor’s visits. Allopathic can only manage to control the diabetes to certain extend. The reason is because medicine works to reduce the effect of diabetes in human body. No matter how powerful the dosage, it gets diluted as it goes through the human body and out of it. This leads to a circle by taking continuous heavy medication and chances of side-effects.

Diabetes is known as the silent killer. As per ancient science Ayurveda diabetes is well known from thousands of years. This is the one of the biggest reason by people are now referring more to an diabetes Ayurveda treatment. Ayurveda concept is numbers of centuries old. It is ahead of allopathy and modern medicine. This type of treatment invented in India. Medicine for Ayurvedic is made from herbs and plants, if you notice there are many plants that nature had provided us for medicine.We may ignore plant as it does not produce flowers but that is not correct, but for the person who is practicing Ayurveda this is a different case. Every Aryuveda medicine maker has detailed manual available with them showing benefits of each and every plant given by nature. The manual also shows them which disease can be cured using which plant and what quantity is needed to make dosage of medicine.You might be thinking what the benefits of this Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes are. The first one is its completely natural. As medicines are made from plants and when the person consumed, the body accepts it as friendly which is completely get digested. This exactly opposite to allopathy medicine. When Ayurvedic medicine is consumed, it gets dissolved by the human stomach providing medicine purities to the human body.Another benefit is it does not do any side effects. As natural properties of medicine, it ensures that person does not suffer from any complications.

As its natural Ayurvedic, patient needs to understand that it’s not fast acting compared to allopathy treatment. It ensures that effects of medicine stay with human body for a long period of time.Some people may get frustrated due to slow healing  of this treatment, but the fact is their sugar level will be normalized faster and remain normalized for a longer period of time. Using this method, it will benefit them for longer periods.There is different diabetes natural treatment like bitter gourd, bael, gurmar leaves, fenugreek, turmeric, onion, nayantatra, neem, garlic, sagar gota, etc. Drinking water full of glass with 10 tulsi leaves, 10 belpatras, 10 neem leaves early morning on empty stomach keep sugar under control. By keeping healthy diet planning diabetes can be control easily. Many Ayurvedic consultant asked patient to avoid sleeping during daytime, avoid smoking, take adequate eye care, do exercise regularly, take extra care of your foot, and avoid sugar in any form.