Keep Yourself Healthy with Yoga

July 9, 2014 in Yoga and Meditation Center by admin

Yoga is the practice of spiritual, mental and physical for transforming body and mind. Yoga origin of Indian traditions. Yoga is a term based from yoking together of mind and body. In earlier ages, yoga was practiced in Buddhist group. Indian gurus later introduce yoga to the west. Back in 1980 it became popular as physical exercise around the world. It is often called Health yoga. As per yoga physiology describe human as existing of three bodies. Many studies conclude the efficiency of yoga as balancing involvement for asthma, heart disease, schizophrenia and cancer. A person who follows yoga with a high level pledge is called a yogi (men) or yogini (female).

A vital goal of yoga is Moksha which is a Sanskrit word for freedom. Some of the experts has believed that there many useful ways of yoga and some them are mentioned below.

  • Yoga is technique of generating multiple bodies, entering into other bodies and the achievement of other paranormal activities.
  • Yoga is the psychotherapy of awareness and cognition.
  • Yoga is the rising and growth of consciousness.
  • Yoga is a path to omniscience.
  • Yoga is controlling method of achieving goals.
  • Yoga is a method of controlling the mind and body.

Yoga has been applied to a multiple of practices. They are Hinduism under which Hatha yoga and Raja yoga, Jainism and Buddhism.

Jainism: It aims at reach salvation, realizing the self and takes your spirit to total freedom. It also aims to attain and remain in a pure state of the soul.

Buddhism: This meditation aims to focus calm, supramundane powers and develop mindfulness. A path towards enlightenment and nirvana is a key goal of Buddhism. This technique had become popular around the world.


Raja yoga: This aims for the mind to be still in order to reach the loneliness of the motionless consciousness.

Hatha yoga: This type of yoga focus on physical and mental strength building exercise and postures.

Along with spiritual goals, yoga is used to reduce stress, improve health problems and spine supple in modern times. Many people doubt, why is it compulsory to meditate after practicing yoga postures. Practicing yoga postures/asanas help us to slip into meditation effortlessly is one of the many benefits of yoga. Yoga main aspect is meditation, it is important to sit for meditation after practicing yoga asanas/postures. We consist of five sheaths- body, breath, mind, intellect and bliss as per ancient scriptures. Through the practice of meditation, strength of will and greater sense of purpose can be achieved. It also helps you to improve your concentration, clear your mind and discover wisdom. Your mind will be lead to greater focus through regular meditation of yoga. In this hectic and stressful yoga and meditation is important to free your mind and body from stress. Yoga is become essential as nowadays stress increased. You can get many meditation centers all around the world, but the most of the western people prefer to do yoga and meditation in India due to the teacher’s expertise.