NaturOville Natural Immunisation Program

Agent, environment and Host, these three factors come together to make any person sick with any virus or bacteria. So the best way to prevent any sort of infectious disease is to keep ourselves with good immunity.

At NaturOville we provide the following procedures to improve immunity of our guests:

  1. Rainbow diet: Each colour has basic  phytonutrients  which increases the immunity of our body to fight against infections. At NaturOville we provide rainbow diet which increases the immunity.
  2. The treatments good and herbal supplements or Ayurveda medicines help the guests to get sound sleep which increases the immunity.
  3. Stress lowers our immunity power   We teach yoga and Pranayama to lead a stress free life.
  4. Fasting is another best way to gain immunity.  At NaturOville we give fasting therapy in a scientific way.
  5. Ayurveda medicines to improve immunity.
  6. The last and main way to improve immunity is by detoxification. Through Panchakarma we do the natural detoxification process.

The packages can be from 5 days to 21 days according to the guests. The treatments include various types of massages with herbal powder, herbal oil, sirodhara, njavara kizhi, oil bath, herbal steam bath etc.

Ayurveda has been trusted measure in fighting covid-19 and building up the immune system. By different medicated powder and a personalized diet plan and panchkarma.

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