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Naturopathy is a traditional healing science that helps the body restore its order using natural elements. Depending upon the disorder and level of toxins present in body, Naturopathy comprises of various therapeutic treatments that suit varying needs of the patients. Naturopathy is often a better solution that the rest not only because it uses complete natural, drug-free elements but also because its technique focuses on the root cause behind the disorder tha n simply removing the symptoms of the disease.

Due to these properties, Naturopathy is equally suitable for adults as well as children. Naturopathy techniques and treatments vary in sync with the school and skills of the naturopath you choose. Here are some of the popular Naturopathy treatments listed below:

* HerbalVibro Powder Massage:

This advanced massage uses powder mixture instead of a paste as a massaging ingredient. A hi-tech vibrator with built-in separate attachments for specific regions is used to massage all over the body using the medicated powder. Other than improving the blood circulation, this massage is highly beneficial in reducing the fat gathered in specific regions of the body.

* NaturOville Reflexology Massage:

A combination massage of Reflexology and Swedish or Herbal Rejuvenation massage to activate from the cellular level, thereby inducing complete relaxation.

* Hydrotherapy

This process is particularly famous for its use of water to treat disorders and heal pain. Initially known as Hydropath, this process was put into use from 19th century onwards by practitioners. Tools like water jets, underwater massage and mineral baths are used during this process.

Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy 20 to 30 minutes

Here, the entire body is massaged using under-water massage therapy for a certain duration.

Deluxe Whirlpool Therapy 20 to 30 minutes

In this, a specially designed pool bath is used to provide under-water massage on the body. This therapy tends to have a refreshing effect on the senses as well as body.

Hydro Spine Therapy 20 minutes

This therapy uses spinal bath (spray) with water of different temperatures to treat disorders related to anxiety, blood pressure, insomnia and spinal pain.

Herbal Colon Therapy

Focusing on colon cleansing, this therapy uses medicated herbal decoction for the process. Helps detoxify the body.

Circular Jet Therapy 20 minutes

this therapy heals body ache and uses multiple pressure jet bath to provide a refreshing feeling.

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Taking sittings in steam and sauna therapy room is beneficial for relaxation and overall well-being. Usually maintained at a temperature of 41 degree Celsius or above, a steam room is prepped with high humidity levels in order to heighten the impact.

Sauna, on the other hand, is a small room designed specifically to experience dry/wet heat sessions along with supplementary amenities. Sauna is often referred as more of a social affair where a certain number of people sit disrobed in the sauna amidst temperature range of 70°C (158 °F)-100°C (212 °F). The therapy induces complete relaxation.

Herbal Steam Therapy

This therapy is used for detoxification and uses specially designed medicated wooden steam cabins for the treatment.

Mud therapy not only treats multiple skin issues but also helps in treating a number of disorders including joint pains, periarthritis shoulder and backache. It is also popular as an effective beauty treatment.

Herbal Mud Pack

Time taken: 20 minutes
This pack uses a paste of pure herbs and mother Earth which is then applied to the abdomen or entire body. This pack is extremely beneficial for healing process.

Mud Bath

Highly beneficial in detoxification and rejuvenation process, mud bath therapy is a very popular treatment under Naturopathy.

Herbal Mud Plaster

Time taken: 20 minutes
Here, a medicated paste of herbs and mother Earth are applied on the entire body. This treatment helps in speeding detoxification and healing process

Aroma Mud Therapy

Time taken: 20 minutes
A mixture of essential oils and mother Earth are applied on the forehead and allowed to rest for certain duration. Helps in de-stressing and providing complete relaxation.

Herbal Sun Bath Therapy

Time taken: 20-30 minutes
This is a solar therapy where the goodness of sun and natural herbs are used to provide the desired effect.

This therapy uses Far-Infrared (FIR) technology to provide relief from pain and stabilizing one's immune system and response. In addition, this therapy also heals skin issues such as burns, eczema, acne and improves the skin tone. It also increases the burning rate of calories in the body.

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