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Naturoville Arthritis Management In India

The pain in the joints and chronic ailments of the muscles are severely painful. The suffering person gets restricted from performing many daily activities. Our Arthritis Management program works on Ayurvedic treatment to curate and soothe healing. The program provides organic healing of the body, strengthening it and teaching you the techniques you need to manage these conditions long-term. Also, it is a divine treatment integrated with the Vedic approach to overall heal the body system to sustain a painless and healthy life.

Please Note: Therapies offered in the Packages may vary after the consultation with our team of Doctors.

PatrapindaswedaHot herbal oil massage followed with fomentation for Detoxification and weight loss.60 Minutes
PizhichilMedicated Herbal hot oil massage to all over the body and pouring the hot oil on a synchronize movement towards lymphatic system to get relief from pain.60 Minutes
Panchamrita SwedaMedicated Hot oil massage followed with fomentation of herbal leaves and ajwain to all over the body especially on painful areas.60 Minutes
Kati BastiMedicated hot oil application on the back and spine for relief of pain.30 Minutes
Janu BastiMedicated hot oil application on the knee joints to get relief of pain.30 Minutes
Shiro BastiApplication of Medicated hot oil on the scalp to activate the nervous system, to get relief of pain and relaxation.45 Minutes
Sarvanga DharaMedicated hot oil massage and hot oil bath on a special massage table to get relief of deep, multiple joints pain and muscular pain as well.60 Minutes
Navara KhiziThe medicated herbal roots (bala) boiled in the water thoroughly and mix with warm milk and Navara rice then given fomentations to all over the body in seven different postures of Abhyangam- to get relief of deep pain.60 Minutes
UdawarthanaHerbal powder massage- to break down the deposited excessive subcutaneous fat.60 Minutes
Herbal Rejuvenation Massage(Abhyanga)A lymphatic and synchronized full body massage with the medicated herbal oil for rejuvenation.55 Minutes
Detox TherapyUsing a great healing power of far infra Ray to stimulate the fat metabolism and serve as detoxification.30 Minutes
Herbal Colon TherapyColon cleansing (Basti) with herbal decoction to wash out.30 Minutes
Reflexology Massage Whole BodyPressure point massage to different kinds of nerve ending centers to activate the vital organs through central nervous system.45 Minutes
NaturOville Deluxe MassageAn integrated full body massage with specific oil and Reflexology.60 Minutes
Mineral Salt Hot MUD PlasterCombination of mineral salt and hot Mud application to all over the body for detoxification and to get relief of pain.30 Minutes
Yogic Satkriya, Personalized (per Room)Basic purification of yogic way such as- Neti, Kunjal, Agnisar and Trataka.45 Minutes
Personalized Therapeutic Yoga (per Room)A combination of different types of yogic asana and the Pranayama according to the personal needs.45 Minutes
Personalized Yoga Nidra (Per Room)A guided process of relaxation to quieten the agitations of the conscious mind and awaken the awareness and immense healing potential of the subconscious mind.35 Minutes
NaturOville Royal Facial with Eye RejuvenatingFacial massage with the special herbal oil followed with herbal packs and facial steam for rejuvenation.60 Minutes
Vedic Healing Facial with Eye RejuvenatingFacial with the Himalayan herbs & Mother earth for healing.45 Minutes

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