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Why NaturOville

Offering you a unique blend of traditional skills, practices passed on by generations and modern high-end luxury, NaturOville comes as a perennial choice for an enriching holiday with benefits of Ayurveda, yoga and meditation. Offering a unique Ayurveda experience to its guests from pan India and across the world, the retreat provides that perfect location sitting in the lap of quiet, breathtakingly beautiful Himalayas in Uttarakhand.

While the resorts catering to the 5,000-year old science are plenty and gaining more and more popularity, authentic Ayurveda services that don't compromise on the traditional skills or exclusive ingredients are hard to find. What makes NaturOville distinct and stand out from the vast bunch in this section is the authenticity of the tradition preserved while enhancing the whole experience for the visitors.

Here is a list of what makes NaturOville any visitor's first choice:

  • Highly experienced professionals who come from traditional Ayurveda professionals' families.
  • Authentic therapies and treatments without compromising with the luxury and comfort for every guest.
  • Apart from Ayurveda, other relevant healing sciences like Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy, etc. also offered for the guests to get the maximum out of their stay here.
  • Extensive range of anti-ageing treatments in India to choose and benefit from.
  • World class amenities along with the perfect location with snow-peaked Himalayas as the backdrop.
  • Special focus on Ayurveda dietary routine and customized diet as per their treatment for every guest during their stay. In addition, for the Ayurveda enthusiasts, special Ayurveda cooking classes are also organized.
  • Exceptional ambience that beautifully combines traditional art, modern infrastructure and nature's serenity in its services.
  • Offering the best and most authentic Ayurveda spa services in Rishikesh, NaturOville has made a reputation for itself as one of the best spas in India.