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About Our Wellness Center in Rishikesh

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About Our Wellness Center in Rishikesh - Naturoville Wellness Center

Bringing nature as an answer to your lifestyle disorders, Naturoville is an ideal choice to have a blissfully authentic Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, and Meditation experience. While it offers all forms of traditional therapies and modern treatments, the Wellness retreat doesn’t just heal the existing disorders but provides a harmonious routine. A perfect recluse to provide complete relaxation from building stress and anxiety disorders that come with hectic city life.
Situated snugly in the lap of ethereal looking Himalayas, Naturoville offers the benefit of ancient healing sciences that purifies, rejuvenates and heal your body. The divine treatment sessions, Ayurveda therapies combined with the goodness of yoga and meditation help you strike that perfect balance between your mind, body, and soul.
Here, the focus is not just on the treatments and amenities but on acquiring a unique, wholesome experience for every guest. And this is achieved by incorporating the 5,000-years-old science skills and theories in every aspect of your routine – be it Ayurvedic diet, yoga/meditation sessions (along with the therapy) or personal consultation by expert Ayurveda professionals.

Our hospitality services have something that remains the star of the entire experience at Naturoville. While enchanting hills and nature’s serenity pamper you throughout, the highly experienced Ayurveda professionals, dietitians and rest of the staff work hard to make this a perfect vacation for you. Based upon your interests and time at hand, staff members also suggest various activities and local sightseeing get a taste of Indian traditions and the beauty of the Himalayas.

No wonder our offerings attract many clients from across the world. ‘Amrita’, our Ayurveda centre at Naturoville, finds inspiration from ancient Wellness wisdom passed on for generations and offers all forms of authentic Ayurveda treatments for its guests.

We have registered ourselves as an Ayurveda & Panchkarma Hospital under the Clinical Establishment Act 2010

Our Philosophy


The philosophy followed by Naturoville lay on ancient ayurvedic techniques and therapies passed as heredity through oral traditions. Wellness is the core part of our centre, which makes it the best wellness retreat centre in Rishikesh. Also, our ancestors believed that our mind and body are one what wellness is all about. It means you can achieve the fullest of yourself if your mind and body work together in harmony.
Our Vedas and other scriptures define that every person has a different body constitution and properties. Depending on the properties, Ayurveda defines your physio-psychological properties depending on Prakruti. Prakruti refers to the rhythmic functionality of your body and mind. In other words, if your body engages in an event, then your mind will also get engaged. Dhatu, Dosha, Manas, Buddhi, Indriya and Atman are some components of Prakruti.
Our body type depends on three main elements or doshas, known as Tri-doshas. While they are pre-dominant, they can affect your body. These three doshas are:

  • Vata dosha - Controls the movements
  • Pitta dosha - Controls the metabolism
  • Kapha dosha - Controls the structure and fluid balance

It is important to know your correct Dosha and it's crucial that your diet, exercise, and daily routine are governed by your Dosha in order to lead a healthy life.

While opting for or following a diet, it is vital to understand the doshas of your body to sustain a healthy life. Dieticians at Naturoville take a close count of your doshas before suggesting a diet plan to our guests, benefiting their health.


Research has shown results meditation helps in building a healthy mind and body. It is the state of mindfulness and self-awareness of the body, mind and soul. Moreover, meditation works on the principle of manifestation, which means ‘What you think, you shall be.” According to science, meditation helps your body heal and has visible health benefits. Some of the benefits are:

  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Calms your breathing
  • Releases stress and anxiety
  • Promotes concentration
  • Help in keeping a balance between mind and body

Meditation performed while chanting Mantras has tremendous benefits. Mantras are the string of words chanted as hymns or songs. Further, when incorporated with meditation, it can bring self-consciousness and peace inwards, drawing your attention to the activities associated with your body. 

In the modern world, everyone has hectic work schedules and no time to enjoy peace. Meditation and Mantras can add peaceful hours to your daily routines promoting good mental and physical health. Thus, it can become your non-medicinal treatment for anxiety, stress, depression and chronic disorders.

Life At Naturoville Wellness Retreat, Rishikesh


Naturoville is the best Himalayan wellness retreat centre, bringing the dreams of its guests into reality. We focus on combining the beautiful attributes of yoga, meditation, naturopathy and wellness with Ayurveda. It helps provide personal care to our guests while rejuvenating their bodies from building stress levels.
Our team ensure that everything works properly throughout your stay at Naturoville. Also, we try our best to solve your queries and problems related to your vacation at our wellness centre. Starting from our location in the lap of the Himalayas to the weather and other activities, you will find most of the stress-free time here at Naturoville.
The activities work as a core factor in the process of healing. Also, e would like you to cherish every moment of your stay at Naturoville Wellness Retreat Center. Let’s help you to know some of the activities organized at Naturoville:



Every morning at Dhanvantari, we organize prayer sessions to worship God Dhanvantari and start a perfect day. God Dhanvantari is the God of Ayurveda and symbolizes good health.
Bhakti (Devotion) and Gnana (Wisdom) is the vital element of Naturoville’s philosophy. While Bhakti talks about God as one with/without a form that incurs divine feelings, Gnana focuses on symbolizing God as a concept without any form/feelings.



Yoga is an art and a science that helps you control your body and mind using practical methods and postures. It completes the biblical teaching on how you should love God with heart, mind, soul, and strength.

At the yoga centre in Naturoville, Atma, a complete course in yoga, spiritual healing and meditation for those who want to incorporate the blessing of yoga into their lives. We have beginner level classes for those unfamiliar with the art.

Yoga is all about being one with nature. Therefore, the concept of practising yoga in the backdrop of nature only adds to the impact and makes it a very relaxing experience overall. Keeping this in mind, we also arrange outdoor yoga sessions if requested.

Whether you are a beginner to yoga and self-discovery or looking to broaden your existing familiarity with the art, our yoga experts offer to teach a wide range of techniques and skills to make you adept at it.


Ayurveda is the science of life and implies the process of natural healing. With the help of Ayurveda, you can learn to exist in harmony with your body and health. It is a medicinal practice that has helped cure many diseases regarded as incurable by modern science. It works in the body core, healing inwardly by removing toxins. At Amrita, our Ayurveda centre has a wide range of authentic and traditional ayurvedic treatments popular for their beneficial effects.
Our Ayurvedic experts prepare customized treatments and therapies considering the body doshas or types. It helps to bring the best of therapies and treatments for you. Further, we sometimes combine these therapies with yoga, mudras and meditation to make your body achieve deep healing on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Finally, we provide suitable dietary plans to get highly positive results from the Ayurvedic treatments.


Here at Naturoville, nature and natural surroundings are a great deal of emphasis in most of our treatments and services. We firmly believe that the better we understand our surroundings, the more we enhance our role in them. Taking this further, Naturoville arranges nature walks for its guests in the lush green surroundings. Guided by three chief concepts- Awareness, Appreciation, and Action, the walks are exploring and educational.
We are aware and sensitive to the need to maintain an ecological balance between human activities and the beauty and proliferation of nature. Our policy too aims at responsible nature protection.



We are part of the nature around us, and without it, nobody can exist. Trees constitute a vital part of nature by moderating climate, providing oxygen, food, etc. Naturoville feels a sense of responsibility towards our mother nature. Thus, in return for selfless giving, we plant more trees, which are less artificial to the environment leading to natural harmony. 

At Naturoville, we look forward to planting more trees for tomorrow, spreading awareness among our guests about the necessity of planting trees. We welcome you to become part of our nature network program to make the earth healthier than yesterday. earth a bit more.

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