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Depression/Stress Management In India

Mental health, depression and stress & anxiety are complicated, pervasive problems that a number of people globally struggle with. At Naturoville, we recognize that mental health and stability are directly related to our bodies. Our Depression & Stress Treatments aim at empowering our guests with the tools they need to boost and sustain their mental health through addressing the imbalances in bodily energies.

Depression and stress are a staple diet of the modern-day lifestyle. Over 350 million people from all age groups across the world suffer from depression or stress related disorders. Depression can be defined as the state of unhappiness caused due to lack of awareness about one’s inner self. While headaches and erratic mood swings remain some of the most common symptoms, high stress levels and depression for a prolonged time could result in chronic illnesses and serious disorders.

Ayurveda underlines imbalances in your Tridoshas as one of the reasons for stress levels and depression. By focusing on finding your dosha type and eradicating the imbalance, you could significantly improve stress levels and depression from your routine. While balance in Vata (dosha) can lead to mental instability, fear and insomnia problems, Kapha (dosha) and Pitta (dosha) imbalances gives rise to lethargy, depression and irritation respectively.

Under Ayurveda, there are several therapies and sessions that work towards cleansing the body and system from all sorts of stress and depression causing toxins in a healthy manner. Most of the allopathic treatments often result in strong side effects or temporary results but Ayurveda focuses on all aspects behind one’s stress levels and applies multiple treatments in a natural way to remove the root cause, thus giving a long-lasting and harmless result.

At NaturOville, our depression & stress program ensures a healthy boost to your body and nervous system, thereby resulting in significantly reduced/healed stress and depression levels. Our experts carefully select a combination of therapies and activities for your schedule during the stay and offer that perfect relaxing environment that would help you feel refreshed and strong to cope with stress levels back home.

The tranquil environment provided by the Himalayas spread around and the pristine natural beauty of the retreat provides that perfect boost to your senses and enhances the treatment’s effect.

According to Ayurveda stress management cause ojas i.e. loss of immunity which increase the chances for human body to adapt more disease. In Ayurveda we use oil therapies to calm down the mind by pacifying air and fire. Oil is heavy so it reduces fire.

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