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NaturOville Natural Immunisation Program

Agent, environment and Host, these three factors come together to make any person sick with any virus or bacteria. So the best way to prevent any sort of infectious disease is to keep ourselves with good immunity.

At NaturOville we provide the following procedures to improve immunity of our guests:

  1. Rainbow diet: Each colour has basic  phytonutrients  which increases the immunity of our body to fight against infections. At NaturOville we provide rainbow diet which increases the immunity.
  2. The treatments good and herbal supplements or Ayurveda medicines help the guests to get sound sleep which increases the immunity.
  3. Stress lowers our immunity power   We teach yoga and Pranayama to lead a stress free life.
  4. Fasting is another best way to gain immunity.  At NaturOville we give fasting therapy in a scientific way.
  5. Ayurveda medicines to improve immunity.
  6. The last and main way to improve immunity is by detoxification. Through Panchakarma we do the natural detoxification process.

The packages can be from 5 days to 21 days according to the guests. The treatments include various types of massages with herbal powder, herbal oil, sirodhara, njavara kizhi, oil bath, herbal steam bath etc.

Ayurveda has been trusted measure in fighting covid-19 and building up the immune system. By different medicated powder and a personalized diet plan and panchkarma.

Any person with low immunity can become sick if he comes in contact with any influenza, germ or virus. We should know how to prevent these agents from getting inside our bodies and making us ill. 

At Naturovilla, we provide our guests will effective procedures and program to improve their immunity, which is as follows:

  1. We provide our guests with Rainbow Diet in which each colour represents basic phytonutrients. These phytonutrients help our body to fight invaders and increase our immunity.
  2. Sleep plays a vital role in increasing our body’s immunity. Our peaceful environment with ayurvedic herbal supplements and medicines induces sleep resulting in a healthy mind and body.
  3. Stress is bad for our mind and body. It drastically affects us and leads to lower immunity and unhealthy life. At Naturovilla, we have experts teaching you Yoga and Pranayama that reduces stress and anxiety.
  4.  Fasting for a few hours or a day helps our body flush out toxins. It acts as an immunity booster and boosts our digestive system for good metabolism. Naturovilla provides scientific methods of fasting for better outcomes for your fasting efforts.
  5. We deal in ayurvedic supplements and medicines that have no side effects. Consuming these medicines will support your body and will improve your lifestyle.
  6. Detoxification is good for our bodies. It supports our body in managing waste and flushing out toxins. Through Panchakarma, we help you to undergo the natural detoxification process.

Ayurveda has been a trusted measure in fighting covid-19 and building up the immune system. By different medicated powder and a personalized diet plan and Panchakarma. 

We provide you with packages from 5 days to 21 days according to your requirement. You get treatments that include various massages with herbal powder, herbal oil, Shirodhara, Navara Kizhi, oil bath, herbal steam bath and more.


We aim to develop a healthier society. Naturovilla Vedic Retreat has started an immunity booster regime where we help you through detoxification, ancient systems of medicine and yoga. You can boost your immunity in a natural environment from our Naturovilla, Rishikesh Uttarakhand. 

The package includes effective natural therapies that attend to the root cause of the disorder to re-establish and maintain balance in the physiology and increase Ojas (immunity). Our ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments prevent you from disease and decay of bodily tissues.


  1. Toxins create as a result of chemicals from our food substances.
  2. Excessive use of processed food or refrigerated foods and drinks.
  3. Consuming chemically ripened fruits.
  4. Excessive use of urea and pesticides in agriculture.
  5. Pollution is present in the environment.
  6. Breathing the polluted air.
  7. Use of contaminated water.
  8. Consumption of excessive tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages.
  9. Poor lifestyle choices such as smoking or chewing tobacco.
  10. Lack of physical activity and Sedentary lifestyle.
  11. Too much chronic stress and anxiety.
  12. Allopathy Medication.

These toxins accumulate in our bodies over time. Modern or Allopathic medicine has had no success in removing these toxins safely and effectively from our bodies. 

In Ayurveda, detoxification and rejuvenation get achieved using Panchakarma. Panchakarma removes deep-seated toxins naturally without causing any side effects in the body.

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