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Meditation In India

Meditation is both simultaneously an ancient art and modern science in its relationship with the man and his quest for peace, both inner and outer. It is centered around the idea of anchoring oneself in their breath while relinquishing control over our rigid minds and tumultuous states of being. For a complete holistic spiritual experience, Naturoville offers a range of healing, Ayurveda treatments, wellness curriculums, and guides in conjunction with Meditation.

Understanding the value of meditation, not only in and of itself but also as supplementary to Yoga, Naturoville has dedicated itself to providing the best Meditation Programmes & Meditation Tours available in North India.



Naturoville’s Meditation Tours designed to give our guests the most authentic experience of these locales.


Naturoville has meticulously curated meditation programs and curriculums that are to be enjoyed within the Wellness Centre as well as outside in Haridwar, Rishikesh, and their surroundings. And how could one not! Haridwar&
Rishikesh are the holiest of sites in the history of India; they are home to the divinity of the Gods themselves, serving as sanctums for the practice and sustenance of ancient spirituality. It is no wonder then that they are hotspots for immersing oneself in meditative experiences – an image that has become synonymous with India’s cultural heritage in both the East & the West.

Experience these pristine, surreal landscapes under the able and warm guidance of Naturoville. Naturoville’s Meditation Tours designed to give our guests the most authentic experience of these locales. Our competent staff has been trained to provide you the most hassle-free experience of the tours. Our warm hospitality team is well experienced and able to curate your tours with ease. Whether it is a group or an individual tour, we will manage everything from your schedule, itinerary, transportation to providing resourceful amenities for your trips.

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