Meditation In India

NaturOville is an authentic Wellness Center that offers exclusive meditation tours in India. Located in a pristine location near Haridwar and Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, NaturOville is one of the few luxury resorts that are popular among pan India and in the west alike for their hospitalityAyurveda treatments and high-class quality.

Apart from widely acclaimed Ayurveda therapies and treatments it provides, NaturOville also arranges special meditation tours for its guests. Meditation is an important attribute of yoga and helps you build control and self-awareness in life. Just as yoga helps you keep your life healthy and disease-free, meditation focuses upon improving self-will, tranquility within you and helps you achieve clarity of mind like never before.

The team behind NaturOville believes in holistic development and so, offers a number of traditional healing science/art sessions that heightens the impact of the Ayurvedic treatments and help you lead toward a healthier, happier life.

Highly experienced meditation experts are staffed at NaturOville who help the guests get familiar with the art and impart valuable advice on how to make it a daily routine of your life. Our meditation classes are structured in various levels so as it suits a wide range of people who are either completely new to the art or at an advanced level. Various postures and different techniques to meditate successfully without getting distracted are taught.

We also organize exclusive meditation tours for individuals and groups on special request. The entire schedule, main support system and every other finer details of your tour are taken care of by our extremely hospitable and experienced staff.