Naturopathy In India

Concentrating on the internal parity and vitality in one's body, Naturopathy is the elective mending science that utilizations common components to search for the reason and afterward treat likewise against simply restoring the side effects of the confusion. It utilizes the body's normal resistance component to expel the reason for the confusion in the most delicate and viable way possible. Since Naturopathy medications in India utilizes components present in nature as the center treatment, a comprehension of the components is imperative in the first place. There are five primary components nature includes, which are Jal (Water), Vayu (Air), Akash (Sky), Agni (Fire) and Prithvi (Earth). These together are otherwise called Panchamahabhuta, which are additionally one of the central properties that structure our body.

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Steam and Sauna


Mud Therapy



Naturopathy is that aspect of Ayurveda that is gaining popularity globally in last few years due to its natural long-term, effective treatment and gentle process. An alternate healing science using natural elements, Naturopathy differs from the ordinary treatments as it not just focuses on removing the disorder's symptoms from the body but also focuses on tracing the deep-rooted cause behind it so that the disorder could be uprooted from deep within. It uses the natural defense of patient's body to heal the body without affecting the body by any outer stimuli.

NaturOville is a Vedic retreat known for its authentic Ayurveda services with world-class amenities in a serene, spiritual environment. Our guests visit us from across the world for our traditional Kerala Ayurveda treatments with modern amenities. Apart from Ayurvedic therapies and relaxing spa sessions, NaturOville also excels in offering a wide range of interesting Naturopathy treatments that heal you from within.

In the spacious spread of 70 acres in the foothills of Himalayas, NaturOville Vedic retreat comprises of 26 deluxe guest rooms and over 40 therapy rooms equipped with high-end amenities. Our extensive list of Naturopathy services include Swedish Massage, Vibro-Chair Massage, Hydrotherapy, Aroma Deluxe Spa Hydrotherapy, Circular Jet Therapy, Mud Bath, Steam & Sauna, Ozone Therapy and Chromo Therapy to name a few.

All services are scheduled for you once our nutrition experts and doctors conduct a wellness consultation for you and determine your Prakruti type. This helps in suggesting you the therapies that would benefit you the most. At NaturOville, we lay emphasis on what would benefit our guest in the long-run over what's popular.

Depending upon the duration of your stay and your body needs, your Naturopathy treatment would be combined with other mood elevating and holistic activities such as meditation and yoga. Another aspect that is taken special care of is your dietary routine during your stay. Our nutritionists who hold vast experience in the field guide you throughout your stay and suggest you inputs to incorporate in your routine after your stay to maintain a holistic living. Get in touch with us today and gift yourself a rejuvenating experience.

Naturopathy Treatments Offered At Naturoville

• Steam/ Sauna/ Jacuzzi
• Shirodhara
• Mineral Salt friction bath
• Reflexology Massage
• Herbal Detox mud Therapy
• Detoxifying Aroma Steam
• Herbal Steam with Ozone Therapy
• Detoxifying Scrub
• Mud and Compress Hydrotherapy
• Therapeutic Yoga Asanas
• Naturoville Deluxe Massage
• Reflexology


• Herbal Sun Bath
• Sarvangalepa
• Personalized Wellness Satkriya (Yogic Cleansing)
• Personalized Advance Yogic Satkriya
• Herbal Detox Mud Therapy
• Patrapindasweda
• Detoxifying Aroma Steam&Scrub
• Mud and Compress Hydrotherapy
• Naturoville Royal Facial with Eye rejuvenating
• Personalized Wellness Meditation
• Yoga Asanas
• Herbal Steam with Ozone Therapy
• Herbal Detox Bath