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Naturoville SHAKTI Ladies Special Treatment

Shakti means the power of the divine female energy that every woman consists of herself. Naturoville has Shakti Ladies Special Treatment for our guests to unveil theirs through ayurvedic and naturopathic treatments so our guest may find their inner power and rejuvenate their outer beauty. Further, this treatment holds benefits and is more than just a regular beauty treatment. It helps ignite a well-balanced spirit to bring clear, strengthened hair and glowing skin. Naturoville provides essential treatment to women of all ages because we understand that being a woman in today’s world is physically and mentally exhausting. Retain your youthful glow with our treatments while you reach new heights. 

Wellness ConsultationOur Holistic Healers will provide physical and clinical diagnosis. According to the findings the line of therapies will be suggested. Wellness diet programme and the right form of exercises will also be directed.30 Minutes
Anti- Ageing Aroma MassageA special pure essential oil-Geranium/Neroli and wheat germ Infused with pure olive oil which rejuvenates acts as Anti-Ageing.55 Minutes
AbhyangaA Traditional Synchronized full body herbal oil massage in 7 different postures55 Minutes
ShirodharaPouring of herbal medicated oil on the forehead and move on oscillating manner which acts as nervine tonic and soothing.45 Minutes
SarvangalepaApplication of Himalayan medicated herbal paste with the sandal wood paste for rejuvenation and healing.45 Minutes
Detox TherapyUsing a great healing power of far infra Ray to stimulate the fat metabolism and serve as detoxification25 Minutes
Reflexology Massage Whole BodyPressure point massage to different kinds of nerve ending centers to activate the vital organs through central nervous system.45 Minutes
Aroma Hot Mud PlasterPure Mother earth infused with pure essential oil- application to all over the body for detoxification.45 Minutes
Deluxe Herbal BathA special bath in Himalayan herbs for detoxification and rejuvenation .30 Minutes
NaturOville Deluxe MassageAn integrated full body massage with specific oil and Reflexology.60 Minutes
Deep Tissue MassagePressure Massage using arm and forearm- serve as energizing and refreshing.60 Minutes
Refreshing Deluxe Aroma HydrotherapyUnder water Massage- combination of Jet bath, Chromo therapy and bubble bath with pure essential oil.25 Minutes
Rejuvenation Aroma MassageTonic Massage with pure olive oil and pure essential oil- Lavender and Jasmine.60 Minutes
NaturOville Royal Facial with Eye RejuvenatingFacial massage with the special herbal oil followed with herbal packs and facial steam for rejuvenation.60 Minutes
Vedic Healing Facial with Eye RejuvenatingFacial with the Himalayan herbs & Mother earth for healing.45 Minutes
Personalized Yoga & MeditationTherapeutic asana, Pranayama and meditation.45 Minutes

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