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Naturoville Weight Management In India

Weight Loss Management at Naturoville is tailor-made to tackle the global problem of obesity. The problem is deeply rooted in a lack of weight management. It can occur due to lifestyle changes, dietary habits and predispositions. Our Weight Management Program helps our guests achieve their ideal weight goals through diagnostic assessments and the prescription of healthy, sustainable lifestyles. 

At Naturoville, the weight management program begins with a detailed physical and clinical assessment. The factors like energy composition, prakruti of the body, body fat percentage, etc., are set to determine realistic weight loss targets. The program includes a personalized Sat Kriya, powerful pranayama and part of the Kundalini Yoga that elevates the energy in your body and soul to higher levels. 

When we channel our natural energy flow, it encourages our body to work most efficiently, resulting in better metabolism to aid weight loss. It also involves Udwarthanam, a paste or oil, milk (medicated) and dry grains. Lepam is excellent for fat loss and also has an impact on your skin. Considering your body dosha, we will undergo Abyanga, a treatment in which oil is massaged deep into your body, modified with herbs based on your needs.

The NaturOville Weight Management Program addresses physical and emotional challenges caused by an increase in weight. We at NaturOville guide you in increasing your exercise activity, in addition to correct dietary controls, offering result-driven spa experiences and advice on positive lifestyle changes. The journey to achieving your ideal weight will begin at NaturOville.

Losing Weight Helps Immune System. Excess fat around the abs can turn the body’s defense system against you, leading to heart and other diseases. For obese people losing just 10 pounds could straighten your off balance immune system.

Fitness Consultation & Body Composition AnalysisAssessment of your current fitness levels, your current percentage body fat and target weight range along with exercise program plan.45 Minutes
AbhyangaA Traditional Synchronized full body herbal oil massage in 7 different postures.55 Minutes
UdawarthanaHerbal powder massage- to break down the deposited excessive subcutaneous fat.45 Minutes
ShirodharaPouring of herbal medicated oil on the forehead and move on oscillating manner which acts as nervine tonic and soothing.45 Minutes
Vibro Herbal Powder MassageMedicated herbal powder massage for whole body to break down the accumulated facts and to activate a fat metabolism to lose weight.45 Minutes
Detox TherapyUsing a great healing power of far infra Ray to stimulate the fat metabolism and serve as detoxification25 Minutes
Reflexology Massage Whole BodyPressure point massage to different kinds of nerve ending centers to activate the vital organs through central nervous system.45 Minutes
Aroma Hot Mud plasterPure Mother earth infused with pure essential oil- application to all over the body for detoxification.45 Minutes
Herbal Mud PlasterMedicated herbs mixed with Mother earth are applied to all over the body for detoxification and healing.45 Minutes
Colon Hydro TherapyCleansing of colon with ozone Purified water in systematic and clinically care.45 Minutes
Herbal Sun BathA special bath in the Sunlight covering the body by Himalayan medicinal herbs and leaves for detoxification and weight loss.45 Minutes
Deep Tissue MassagePressure Massage using arm and forearm- serve as energizing and refreshing.60 Minutes
Rejuvenation Aroma MassageTonic Massage with pure olive oil and pure essential oil- Lavender and Jasmine.60 Minutes
PatrapindaswedaHot herbal oil massage followed with fomentation for Detoxification and weight loss.45 Minutes
Personalized Yoga & MeditationTherapeutic asana, Pranayama and meditation.45 Minutes
Personalized Yogic SatkriyaNeti, kunjal and kapal bhati for cleansing of upper digestive and respiratory tract.30 Minutes
Personalized ShankhapraksalanCleansing of Gastro Intestinal tract through yogic process.60 Minutes
Post Body Composition AnalysisAnalysis of your new physique detailing percentage body fat along with a take home program plan.25 Minutes

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