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Activities With Naturoville Wellness
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The calm and serene library room is a must-visit place when you come to Naturoville. The library consists of more than 500 books written in different genres. The library book collection has a variety of books worthy for both kids and adults. The library room oscillates in profound silence to soothe your mind. You can pick any book of choice from the shelf and enjoy reading the book for a while. The surrounding atmosphere refreshes and rejuvenates the mind with positive vibes. Significantly, the books on spirituality and meditation reflect the values of the destination.


Kids Zone

The Kids Zone is always an exciting and delightful place for the children. The kids have opportunities of playing different types of games and learn new things. The Naturoville Kids Zone entertains the kid guests through various playful activities. Your kids can enjoy nursery rhyme sessions in the musical garden, painting and meditation classes, puzzle games, creative sessions, worm rescuing missions, fitness sessions, etc. Comparatively, older kids can practise outdoor sports, harmless hunting activities, plan and prepare their meals, etc. The kid zone has enjoyable activities, and an energetic ambience helps the children be independent, compassionate, and sporty.


Mental and Physical well-being are dependent on each other. If your body is fit and strong, your mind will follow the same path. We offer you gym sessions with many fitness programs. Also, the authority has equipped the gym with top-quality, high-tech gym apparatus. You can go for treadmill sessions, stair mills, weight lifting, cardiovascular machines, etc. The experienced trainers are always by your side to guide and help you during your workout sessions. We believe in physical fitness to be the future of the generation. You will enjoy the lively spirit of your companions.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool – the term itself feels like a splash of water. In Naturoville, you can enjoy swimming in the clean and magnificent pool. Trainers are available to guide and help the swimmers. If you already know how to swim, you can enjoy practising in the pool brimming with transparent blue water. Pool wardens clean the water regularly to maintain health and hygiene. The automatic pumping system helps to filter the water every then and now. The clean and cool water will refresh your body and mind. Kids can also swim in the pool under the surveillance of their guardians.


Cycling is another major attraction of Naturoville. On a visit to this place, you can enjoy trekking some high contours by cycles. We offer bicycles for rent to those who know about cycling. In the mountainous region of Rishikesh, it sometimes becomes risky to practise cycling along the rough roadways. Our guide can help you in case of trouble. The pieces of machinery are checked and maintained daily. You will enjoy cycling in the lap of the mountain. The fresh, natural air and scenic beauty will rejuvenate your mind within a few minutes.


River Rafting

River Rafting is for the daredevils and adventure enthusiasts. It is clear from the name that river rafting is a water sport. Rafting is a sport enjoyed by the rafters using a raft to compete with other teams in the fast-flowing river streams. We offer our visitors the opportunity to enjoy river rafting. The rafting is mainly on the rough water (also known as ‘while watering’). Also, we provide the rafters with a boat and all required equipment. The rafters must maintain the given guidelines as safety measures. Trained and skilled rafters accompany you and your companions on the journey. You can feel nature closer through the river rafting experience.

Indoor Games

The Naturaville authority entertains the guests with plenty of indoor game options. You can enjoy playing indoor games like badminton, table tennis, carom, chess, scavenger hunt, scrabble, cards, and many more with your friends and families. During the break time, you can come here and enjoy the opportunity. We have games customized for both kids and adults. In such a beautiful destination, surrounded by mountain ranges, these indoor games take is a different level. The lovely and enjoyable atmosphere brings the kids out of the adults. Our indoor games are completely safe for kids.


Outdoor Games

Outdoor games enhance mental spirit and physical strength. On a visit to this beautiful place, you may enjoy playing various outdoor activities with your friends and family. You can enjoy cycling, fishing, hunting, hiking, horse riding, rock climbing, and more in this mountainous region. Kids and adults both can enjoy outdoor sports. The authority provides skilled guides with gamers where you may need their help. Altogether, our main motive is to offer excellent experiences. These games will help you to connect with nature on a profound note.

Ganga Aarti

A magnificent sight to behold as dusk descends on the holy cities of Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Varanasi, the Ganga Aarti is the ultimate spiritual experience. With hymns reverberating in the charged atmosphere of the riverbank, you can’t but stand still in awe. When visiting Naturoville Wellness Retreat– our yoga retreat in Rishikesh, a trip to Ganga Aarti is a must to follow.


Spiritual Tour

Mental, physical and spiritual well-being goes hand in hand. If the spirit is pure and unadulterated, the physical self will follow. Naturoville Wellness Center in Rishikesh takes you on a journey of holistic well-being. We also arrange tours to the spiritually revered places in and around Rishikesh. Our Spiritual Tours in Rishikesh bring an easing supplement to the treatments you are going through.

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