Naturoville Diabetes Treatment In India

An integrated holistic way to control blood sugar so to enhance vitality and to improve the quality of life and well being.

Please note: Therapies offered in the Packages may vary after the consultation with our team of Doctors.

Pancreatic Vibro Tonic MassageA soft vibration Massage on the pancreas region and whole body to activate secretion by the pancreas and to mobilize accumulated fat.45 Minutes
Energizing Aroma MassageA full body massage with Aroma to improve vitality and energizing.45 Minutes
Special Pancreatic Massage with HydrotherapyAbdomen massage especially on the liver and pancreatic region followed with compress Hydrotherapy and jet massage.55 Minutes
Herbal Rejuvenation Massage (Abhyanga)A lymphatic and synchronized full body massage with the medicated herbal oil for rejuvenation.55 Minutes
ShirodharaPouring of herbal medicated oil on the forehead and move on oscillating manner which acts as nervine tonic and soothing.45 Minutes
NaturOville Deluxe MassageAn integrated full body massage with specific oil and Reflexology.60 Minutes
Yoga for Detoxification (Personalized) Per RoomDifferent forms of Asana, Pranayama and satkriya which acts on detoxification.60 Minutes
Yoga for RejuvenationA complete set of different Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation.60 Minutes
Personalized Yoga for Rejuvenation Per RoomA complete set of different Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation..60 Minutes
Yoga for Stress ManagementA guidA set of asana, Pranayama and Music therapy for releasing stress.60 Minutes
Personalized Therapeutic YogaA combination of different types of yogic asana and the Pranayama according to the personal needs.45 Minutes
Reflexology Massage Whole BodyPressure point massage to different kinds of nerve ending centers to activate the vital organs through central nervous system.45 Minutes
Detox TherapyUsing a great healing power of far infra Ray to stimulate the fat metabolism and serve as detoxification.25 Minutes
Herbal Sun BathNatural sun bath with the Himalayan Herbs and leaves for detoxification and rejuvenation.45 Minutes
SarvangalepaApplication of Himalayan medicated herbal paste with the sandal wood paste for rejuvenation and healing.45 Minutes
Deep Tissue MassagePressure Massage using arm and forearm- serve as energizing and refreshing.60 Minutes
Aroma Hot Mud PlasterPure Mother earth infused with pure essential oil- application to all over the body for detoxification.45 Minutes
Yogic Satkriya, Personalized Per RoomBasic purification of yogic way such as- Neti, Kunjal, Agnisar and Trataka.45 Minutes
Personalized Vedic Meditation Per RoomMeditation on the Indian Vedic Mantras to get the peace of mind and enlightening the divinity.45 Minutes
NaturOville Royal Facial with Eye RejuvenatingFacial massage with the special herbal oil followed with herbal packs and facial steam for rejuvenation.60 Minutes