Naturoville SHAKTI Ladies Special Treatment

Naturoville SHAKTI Ladies Special Treatment:

Naturoville provides special treatments to women of all ages because we understand that being a woman in today's world is difficult and mentally exhausting. Retain your youthful glow with our treatments while you reach new heights.

Wellness consultation, Anti- ageing Aroma Massage, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Sarvangalepa, Detox Therapy, Reflexology, Massage whole body, Detoxifying Mineral Salt friction bath (Under water), Aroma Hot Mud plaster, Deluxe Herbal Bath, Naturoville Deluxe Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Refreshing Deluxe Aroma Hydrotherapy, Rejuvenation Aroma Massage, Energizing Scrub, Revitalizing Spice Scrub, Healing Scrub Massage, Naturoville Royal Facial with Eye rejuvenating, Vedic Healing Facial with Eye rejuvenating, Personalized Yoga & Meditation