Naturoville SHUDHIKARAN - Detoxification Program

Naturoville SHUDHIKARAN - Detoxification Program:

Naturoville Shudhikaranis an intense cleanse and detox programme. Shudhikaran, commonly called as detoxification, gives emphasis on complete detoxification of body and mind. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle causes imbalances in our body. To eliminate unhealthy lifestyles and create balance and lead a healthy life is the main objective of this program.
Basis your Prakuti, we first take you through a process of rejuvenation&detoxification and advises a certain dietary, lifestyle, dhyana (meditation), asana(yoga exercises) discipline, which you are recommended to follow even after you leave Naturoville.
A detailed consultation with our Ayurveda doctor will help you understand your Prakruti, basis which your entire programme of the next few days will be recommended.
You would also be advised to be in touch with one of our experts to act as your mentor in this process, to clarify doubts and maintain discipline for being the best you can be even after you leave Naturoville.
You will be getting about 2 hours of structured support every day through the below-described programs. Please note that the final pattern of the program will be decided only after the personal consultation with our team of doctors and experts.
Snehapanam, Nasyam, Virechanam, Snehavashti, Pizhichil, Detoxifying Ayurveda Massage, Udawarthana, Herbal Steam, Herbal Detox Bath, Herbal Detox Mud Therapy, Patrapindasweda, Detoxifying Aroma Steam, Detoxifying Scrub, Mud and Compress Hydro Therapy, Herbal Rejuvenation Massage (Abhyanga), Naturoville Deluxe Massage, Mineral Salt Friction Bath, Shirodhara, Reflexology, Massage whole body, Herbal Sun Bath, Sarvangalepa, Personalized Vedic Satkriya (Yogic Cleansing), Personalized Advance Yogic Satkriya, Naturoville Royal Facial with Eye rejuvenating, Personalized Vedic Meditation, Yoga Asanas.
Program options are available in –4, 7, 14- or 21-days packages